FAQs & Policies

We guarantee your jewelry is bonded before you leave

You will have a 30 day warranty on your weld

To clean your jewelry- clean with mild soap(like Dawn) and carefully dry it. Please use our cleaning cloth only to shine your jewelry.

Jewelry can stretch and change colour over time, this is normal. It is possible this is due to your body’s pH levels, or normal wear.

If you need to remove your jewelry for any reason you can make an appointment to have it re-welded  

Blessed Jewels Co Permanent Jewelry is not responsible for broken chains, lost jewelry, allergic reactions due to metals, discolouring, tarnishing, and stretching.

We do NOT recommend permanent jewelry to those with pacemakers or metal allergies.

Permanent does not mean invincible. You are getting fine jewelry and it could break without proper care.

All sales are final for sanitary reason and due to the customized nature of each piece.