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What is Permanent Jewelry/ The Infinity Bracelet

Modern, minimal and seamless - the Infinity Bracelet is a piece of jewelry without a clasp to interrupt the chain, this bracelet is the perfect way to signify an important relationship/ event in your life and most importantly Self Love.

These bracelets are welded directly around your wrist. The welding process is quick and painless. If you ever need to remove your bracelet, it can be removed with scissors and reattached at a later date. Commitment Issues? Allow us to create a custom piece that fits you like a glove. Ready in 20 minutes.

(INFINITY Necklaces, are by appointment only. Send us an email to inquire ; Solid Gold Necklaces Coming Soon)

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  • Can I remove it myself? 

    If you need or want to remove your bracelet or anklet, they can easily be cut at home with a pair of scissors.


    What do I do if my bracelet breaks ?

    If your piece breaks, keep the chain and contact us at to schedule a repair. 


    Will it need to be removed to go through airport security?

    No, TSA does not ask you to remove fine jewelry when going through security.


    Can I get one with my child?

    We will apply chains to kids 5 and over, with parental consent. 

    Do you do private events?

    Yes. Bachelorettes, Birthdays, Bridal Showers and wedding receptions. 

    Email to check available dates for your event. 

    Do you provide group discounts?

    Yes. Grab your crew and make an appointment. Groups of 6 or more permanent jewelry pieces, receive a 10% discount. 

    Email to book parties larger than 2.

    Is the process painless?

    Yes. The process is quick and painless. There is a flash of light as the metal welds but it will not be touching your skin. We provide a leather guard as well as protective eye wear so you can watch the entire process beginning to end. 


    Will I need to remove my bracelet or anklet for an MRI?

    Ask your doctor. Sometimes fine jewelry can stay on during an MRI if not easily removed. If you do need to remove it for an MRI don't worry, email us and we will weld it back on after your MRI for you.

    Are your chains Nickel Free? 

    YES. All of our chains are nickel free.